distance learning historyYears and years ago, if you couldn’t get to a campus to learn on-site, an extended education was not for you.

Distance learning classes have taken away many of the requirements needed for students who aren’t able to attend courses on-site. Now, students can learn from their home at any time of the day with any work schedule. Online distance learning now allows students to shape their learning schedule around their busy lives.

The Internet Makes Education More Accessible

Distance learning is not a new concept, but the internet has certainly changed the way it works within the last 1-2 decades. Without broadband Internet, distance learning as it is today would not be an option. Students can now stream teacher lessons and videos to learn the material.

It wasn’t until after broadband Internet became available in most locations that then students realized that they could learn using online video tools. Several course options popped up from other students tutoring their peers. With these options, students could learn without the need for a professional teacher, but it still wasn’t a professional, true education.

With Internet speeds improving and students and teachers realizing that lectures could be done online, a new wave of online distance learning was born. Online distance learning combined student learning and teacher lectures without forcing both parties to travel to a class. This saved on gas and resources and reduced rush hour traffic.

Now, online distance learning is a preferred option for most students, especially adults that have busy careers and home responsibilities. Online distance learning started with just the option to take tests and quizzes online, but now you can take entire courses and get a certificate of completion that can then be used to demand a higher salary in the work force.

Online distance learning started as a “static” place where teachers could post grades and links for students. Now, online distance learning provides a portal for students and teachers to completely communicate without the requirements to be face to face. Teachers can record full learning sessions and post them online. Students can then log into the portal and view the lecture at any time that fits their schedule whether it’s early in the morning or late at night.

Teachers can give quizzes and tests and have an online system record them to the online class. This means that neither the teacher nor the student have to rearrange their schedules to attend class. This is one of the most popular reasons for an online distance course. Even younger students aren’t always close to a campus, so they can use online distance courses as an alternative to a better education to catapult their careers in any field.

Whether you’re an adult or trying to find the right career, distance learning courses are a great way to improve your education and find the right career path. These courses have come a long way in the past 1-2 decades, and they are invaluable for the rest of your life.

At Stratford Career Institute, we have a wide variety of online courses that you can choose from. It’s never too late to explore a new career!


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Find Success with Distance Learning

Find Success with Distance Learning

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