difficulty of distance learningWhile distance learning programs are convenient, they have their challenges. Even students familiar with on-campus classes need to adjust to the change in lifestyle. Any type of educational program requires a change in your schedule. You need to find the time to log in to the educational website, study, and finish your schoolwork. Here are some pitfalls and challenges you’ll face should you decide to sign up for an online learning program.

Study Schedule Challenges

Even though distance learning can be far more convenient than in the classroom education, you still need to find the time to study. Study times don’t change just because you’re learning online. If it takes you 2 hours to learn the material from a classroom course, it will probably take you the same 2 hours to learn the material from a distance learning class.

Finding the right time to study is especially difficult for adults with careers and a family. You need to find a time that allows you to be alone to study. This process can be one of the most difficult parts for an adult online learner. Kids and careers often take priority, so studying takes a backseat.

In-Person Communication

In a traditional classroom, a student is surrounded by classmates and the teacher, so there can be more face-to-face time with classmates for questions and conversation. Distance learning students don’t have this exact opportunity. It is important that the student can effectively communicate questions and concerns via email, text, over the phone, or whatever communication method works for the student and the instructor. It is also important to know the best way to reach out to fellow students if necessary, as well as know the best method for you to articulate your questions and concerns with the instructor.

Self Motivation

Self-motivation is necessary with online learning. Students have the convenience to learn and attend courses online, but sometimes that also makes it easier to push your schoolwork aside. With online learning, it’s important that you keep a study schedule and stick to it. You need to have the right self-motivation to obtain good grades in the same way you would in a traditional classroom setting.

Effective Learning

Some students need an instructor to explain material. Others find it easier to learn when they have peers to work with. Before you take an online course, just ensure that you’re the type of student who can understand material through independent study.

Distance learning can be one of the most rewarding choices you can make to earn a career diploma. Just make sure the challenges listed here don’t impede your educational progress.

Distance learning schools such as Stratford Career Institute offer a wide range of career-focused home study programs to help you get started.


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Is Distance Learning Right for You?

Is Distance Learning Right for You?

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