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How to get an office job with no experience

Office jobs are attractive for many reasons.

The office environment is collegial, the work is often purposeful and helps the company achieve its goals, and, at the very least, employees work inside and have a consistent work schedule.

If this kind of work appeals to you, you might be wondering about the details of getting an office job.

Perhaps even more pressing, you might be wondering, what even are beginner office jobs? 

To name a few, office jobs without experience can include:

  • Administrative assistants,
  • Receptionists, and
  • Data entry clerks.

These kinds of professionals assist with various tasks around the office and often support other staff members. Because of the responsibilities that come with these lines of work, office professions are competitive.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need experience to be hired. Hiring managers look at a lot of other qualifications and skills when selecting their new office hire. 

If you are interested in pursuing an office job career, be sure to check some boxes before submitting your application to improve your chances of securing the job.

Build Your Skills

More often than not, companies are hiring for office jobs because they need support. If you can honestly assure them that they won’t need to train you on the basics, you will be a more appealing candidate.

You want to be proficient in:

  • Microsoft Office Suite,
  • Adobe, and
  • Outlook.

These are a must for office job-seekers.

Additionally, having strong typing skills or familiarity with bookkeeping software can give you an advantage in your office job hunt. Being bilingual will also make you stand out to a potential employer.

If you’re not sure where to begin with honing your office job skills, basic training courses are a good place to start. Courses that cover administrative assistant/secretary skills and computer training are available to you.

Get Some Experience (Even If It’s Not Professional Experience)

Completing an internship or apprenticeship before applying for a full-time position is very helpful in getting an office job.

Because of this experience, you will be able to talk about your troubleshooting skills as well as the type of office environment best suits your work style.

Additionally, an internship or apprenticeship will help you hone some of the skills discussed above.

While it can be intimidating, reaching out to professionals in your area by phone, email, or even LinkedIn can help you secure one of these learning opportunities. 

Create Your Resume

Whether or not you complete an apprenticeship, perfecting your resume is a must if you want to pursue office jobs without experience.

A single typo or inaccurate statement in your resume can ruin your chances of getting the job. This is because office jobs require strong attention to detail and organizing a lot of information.

Once you have the content of your resume confirmed—including the skills you work to develop and any unpaid experience—run your resume through a grammar checker.

Research Opportunities

After spending all this time worrying about getting an office job, it is finally time to seek out opportunities. Beginning on a general platform like LinkedIn or Indeed is a fine place to start.

If you completed internships or apprenticeships, you can also ask previous supervisors if they know of any open positions in the industry. 

Before submitting your resume, be sure to review the job description. If there are any skills that a specific opportunity requires that you have yet to obtain, you might pause to consider if it’s worth it to gain that skill before applying.

For example, if it appears that a large part of a job description is accounting, you could take an introductory course on bookkeeping.

Regardless of how much professional experience you have, it is absolutely possible to get office jobs without experience.

If you prepare yourself through training modules and courses and are confident in yourself, you can stand out next to more traditionally experienced candidates. 

To prepare for how to get an office job with no experience, Stratford Career Institute’s training courses can help!

If you want to hone your skills, check out our training courses that cover:

We look forward to helping you launch your career in beginner office jobs. 


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