the future of learningThe Internet has redefined the way we do business, communicate, research and even learn. Distance learning has changed the way we get an education. Students no longer need to commute for hours to attend class. Now, they can log in from home and get the same quality education.

Some students are still skeptical that education could be so convenient. In fact, students still get the same education, learn the same skills, study and take tests to prove their academic progress. Overall, distance learning provides you with the same amount of information just without the classroom environment. It’s perfect for busy adults with families, careers and schedules that inhibit them from attending traditional classroom programs.

Being Too Busy is No Longer an Excuse

Once you have a long-term job, marry, have a family and settle in with your own lifestyle, it’s difficult to find the time to go back to school. School is a commitment that used to require generous amounts of time in a classroom, a requirement that could be quite difficult for today’s busy adult.

With online classes, you can take your classes when you have the time. Take them in the morning, noon or night. You can also study when you have the chance. No more early morning cram sessions. Distance learning is valuable for students of all ages. It’s a way to let adults fit education into their schedule, and you earn the same diploma regardless of where you’re studying.

Study at Work

Some companies offer employee incentives to improve their education. Online learning offers you a way to work while you learn. Some companies even invest in their employees by offering paid time off to learn or offer time during the day for reading and studying. If your employer cannot do that, then at least you know you can always study during your lunch or break since there generally are no set class times with distance learning. Many employers are willing to work with their employees regarding schooling and are often impressed with individuals who are making an effort to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Contribute to the Go Green Movement

As an aside, online distance learning is better for the environment. You no longer need to waste gas traveling to a class. You just log in from your home computer and let others fight rush hour traffic. The benefits are two-fold: you no longer have to deal with traffic and the environment benefits with saved natural resources. In addition, distance learning can reduce the number of print-outs, also saving paper.


Traditional classrooms may never disappear completely, but the role they play in education today will likely be very different tomorrow. As online learning reduces pollution, evolves with emerging technologies, and makes its way into the workforce, we can expect that it will become the dominant mode of learning in the future.

Learn more about how Stratford Career Institute is working to bring convenient, affordable and worthwhile distance education to students worldwide.


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Make Distance Learning Part of Your Future

Make Distance Learning Part of Your Future

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