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Dental Assistant Salary

When you walk into your local dentist’s office for a tooth extraction, and the dentist has a partner sitting in and handing them tools while you’re waiting for the work to start, that is an employee known as a dental assistant.  

These assistants serve to do various tasks in the office that don’t require a doctorate and an exhaustive amount of knowledge about the mouth. They understand everything from working with the dentist during a difficult procedure to ensuring that patients are calm during a teeth cleaning. 

How much can someone make, however, working as a dental assistant?  Is it worthwhile enough paycheck that someone would be happy to invest their time and money in training with a course from Stratford Career Institute that would help them get the job? 

Average Dental Assistant Yearly and Hourly Pay 

Overall, the median annual salary for someone who works as a dental assistant is a respectable $38,660 per year according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.  This means that the average hourly pay is $18.59 for each hour worked. 

Dental Assistant Job Growth

Between 2016 and 2026, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the growth rate for the dental assistant industry will be approximately 19%, which is much faster than average.

So, being a dental assistant is a good job that generally requires a minimal amount of training. Is there any downside to that sweet dental assistant salary? 

Frankly, there’s very little.  Unless you don’t like working with people or working with mouths or teeth, there is no reason to skip over the work that dental assistants do.  

The question of ‘how much do dental assistants make an hour’ has been well-document, tracked, and investigated, and there is plenty of money in the industry for those with the desire to work at earning it. 

Explore a Career as a Dental Assistant

If you’re looking to find a job that you can enjoy, one that will allow you to help people and give back to the community, and one that will pay decently, working as a dental assistant may be the job for you. 

The pay scale is decent, the work is important, and perhaps most importantly, the vast majority of work is performed indoors, in an air-conditioned environment. 

Enroll in Stratford’s Dental Assistant online course today to see if this career is right for you!


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Explore a Dental Assistant Career

Explore a Dental Assistant Career

If you’re looking for a fulfilling career that allows you to help people, assist the community, and also pays well, get started by enrolling in Stratford’s dental assistant course today!