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careers in natural health in canadaIn recent years, it seems that people are more and more commonly turning to ‘natural’ health solutions, eschewing science-based medicine for old remedies.

Because of this, career paths are opening up in ‘old world’ medical fields thought long-dead in the Western World.

Holistic medicine is making a comeback in North America in particular, where everything from naturopaths to acupuncturists are in demand around the country.

For those looking for a new and profitable career, these are easy to get into, have a fairly low barrier to entry, and perhaps best of all, do not require a doctorate (for the most part) to turn into a career.

So, without further ado, here are just a few of the careers in natural health that are open today.


The Chinese believe that ill-health can be caused by the blockage of ‘chi’, the life force that flows through the body.

They believe that a skilled acupuncturist can cure these blockages by redirecting the flow of energy through the body using needles placed precisely at the right points.

Whether or not acupuncture works is a subject of some debate.

However, it is an extremely popular and extremely profitable form of healing and one that is in demand across North America.

Best of all, the educational requirements to become a skilled acupuncturist are fairly minimal in most of North America.


Massage therapy is another booming industry in North America.  Massage therapy is the idea that massaging the body can lead to improved health.  It’s another field that is hotly debated, but one that does seem to provide succor to many injured people around the world.

Massage therapy doesn’t require years of education and is easy to get into for those who are interested. It is also extremely profitable as an industry and in great demand.

Holistic Health & Wellness

Alternative therapies and herbal remedies have always been popular, but now seem more mainstream than ever. With access to a wealth of education and information, people are looking for trained individuals to help them live a more holistic lifestyle by shying away from modern chemicals and medicines to cure ailments. The use of all-natural ingredients in maintaining good health and a clean home environment seems to be more popular than ever

If you are looking to learn more about an organic and natural life, this area of concentration is an ideal place to begin.

Chinese Medicine

chinese medicine courseAncient Chinese medicine consisted mainly of dried animals, insects, and herbs, mixed in various ways, either applied directly to the site of a wound or consumed by the injured or unwell.

In the Americas, this kind of medicine is making a comeback, and the field is becoming popular again.

In most places, such medicine doesn’t even require an education, just licensure.

After all, many practitioners who came to the Americas from China never had any formal education, but instead learned from experts in the field through apprenticeship programs.

If you’ve ever thought that operating an apothecary was the career path for you, you should look into Chinese medicine and utilize it to help your clients feel better.

Dietary Wellness

It is common these days, to suggest that the one thing making many people feel ill is a poor choice of diet.  A bad diet, consisting of heavily-processed foods that the human body is not used to and cannot easily metabolize, can impact everything from ‘gut flora’ to mood.

Dietary wellness is a growing field in the Americas with dietary experts working everywhere from supermarkets to medical offices.

Dietary wellness focuses on eating better, more well-balanced meals, and eschews food pyramid most learned as children for a more holistic approach to proper diet.  It’s an easy way to help people feel better while still eating delicious foods.

If any of these seem like interesting careers to you, what are you waiting for?  Begin learning with a course from Stratford Career Institute.


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Explore Natural Health Courses

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