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Careers in Fashion MerchandisingFrom the runway to the retail aisle, fashion merchandising offers many exciting career opportunities. Fashion merchandising is where business and fashion meet. Let’s take a look at the top opportunities in fashion merchandising.


A Retail Store Manager is in charge of all operations in a retail store.

A retail store manager’s job is to ensure smooth daily operations and that the store meets its sales goals. Managing employees is a large part of the job. They work on the store budget and report to senior management. Top retail store managers need a thorough understanding of fashion merchandising. They know the market and excel at practices that attract customers and balance inventory.

Fashion Buyer

Work as a Fashion Buyer is great for those with the skills to predict fashion trends and negotiate.

They observe industry trends then work with designers at trade shows and in showrooms to choose and stock the latest fashions. They’re buying decisions directly impact the business. A fashion buyer builds their skills working in a retail store or as an assistant to a buyer.

Sales Manager

Showroom Sales Managers are relationship builders.

They work with fashion buyers, selling them products to carry in their stores. Showroom sales managers supervise showroom employees, provide customer service, and share product knowledge. Employers look for those with previous retail experience and excellent people skills.

Product Development

Those with a good grasp on the technical aspect of fashion design and a knack for communication may seek a career as a Product Development Manager.

In this role, you are in charge of developing new fashion lines. You lead a team of product development workers and ensure products follow industry trends and standards. Your projects must also hit deadlines on time and on budget. This is a fun fashion industry job for the more technical minded.

Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising Artists are responsible for the look that helps sell the products.

They use design software to create pleasing designs for storefronts, online stores, and catalogs. A good merchandising artist captures the customer’s attention. Creative types with an eye for detail seem to love this type of work.


Another great area for creatives is Fashion Marketing.

Here, marketers create and analyze branding and marketing campaigns. They forecast trends and recommend strategies based on customer response to new products. They work on print and digital marketing campaigns, new product branding, and sales. Those entering this niche usually have a bachelor’s degree and start out as an assistant.

Account Executive

Have you worked in retail and found you excel in sales? Then you may aspire to be an Account Executive.

Executives sell and promote brands to stores through media outlets and advertising agencies. They oversee print and digital marketing campaigns from beginning to end. They may work with a single small brand and sell only to large chain stores or promote many markets.

Fashion Direction

Another great option for leaders is a job as a Fashion Coordinator/Director.

This job oversees the daily functions of entire fashion design departments. They coordinate advertising and marketing alongside the account executive. They know and understand the industry, have great networking and communication skills. They have vision and leadership.

Are You Interested in a Career in Fashion?

Careers in fashion merchandising and design can be fun and challenging. Fashion industry professionals are constantly learning through continued education and experience. Everyone starts at the beginning, even retailers and famous designers had to learn the basics of the industry and their way up.

Stratford Career Institute can teach you the basics in their Fashion Merchandising and Design online course. You will learn the foundations of design, styling, textiles, colors, publicity, production and administration. This course can give you an excellent foundation to pursue a career in fashion merchandising.


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Explore Fashion Merchandising Courses

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