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careers in creative writingCreative writing is everywhere. If you can tell an interesting story through skilled creative writing then you can likely thrive in almost any field and subject area imaginable.

Let’s explore the top areas where talented writers start careers in creative writing.

Technical Writing

What Do Technical Writers Do?

Technical writers bridge the gap between technical and common language. They work in many fields, and often find jobs in high-tech and electronics. A technical writer generally creates a variety of documentation including:

  • User guides
  • Instruction manuals
  • Training materials
  • Trade magazines and conference presentations
  • Field-specific journal articles

Why Creative Writers Excel as Technical Writers

Creative writers with expertise in a certain subject thrive in technical writing. They learn as much as possible about a subject area, tell a story about it, and translate it to language that is easy for others to understand. This makes technical writing an excellent career opportunity for creative writers.


What Do Writers in Marketing and Advertising Do?

Writers who work in marketing and advertising create stories that sell products. They work on all aspects of a project from initial concept to writing, design, and production.

Why Creative Writers Excel in Marketing and Advertising

There is no doubt that writing copy for marketing campaigns and ads is a creative business. Writers in this field create fictional characters and situations to market specific products. Creative writing skills are essential in creating fun and effective ads.

Editing and Publishing

What Do Editors and Publishers Do?

Editors and publishers help create the concepts for written materials. Then they assign writers to do the work and finally review the finished product. They plan content for books, technical journals, trade magazines, and general interest publications. They also proofread printed material.

Why Creative Writers Excel as Editors and Publishers

Publishing and editing offer many opportunities for writers to add a creative touch to the written word. There are often several editors that read one manuscript. One writer might search out and signs new authors. A second might help draft the writing. Still, another can edit the final draft. With so many written publications submitted every day, pieces crafted by creative writers cab have an edge over the competition.

Freelance Writing

What Do Freelance Writers Do?

Freelance writers work for themselves to create and sell their own work. Freelancers provide content for websites, news outlets, newsletters, institutional publications, publishers, and even private businesses. Like technical writers, freelance writers can find a career niche in almost every field and subject area.

Why Creative Writers Excel as Freelance Writers

Freelance writing may be the biggest area of career opportunity for creative writers. Freelance creative writers earn a living submitting news articles, blogs, short stories, poetry or other creative pieces to outlets that publish both fiction and non-fiction.

There are several ways to get started as a freelance writer:

  • Write fictional e-books as a service – people often pay ghostwriters to turn their ideas into products they can sell
  • Creative non-fiction humorous blogs or educational articles that look at the subject from a different angle.

One of the biggest perks of working as a freelance writer is that you get to control your own time and schedule.

Start Your Career in Creative Writing

Expanding your creative writing skills can be a springboard to starting careers in creative writing. Many writers start by simply building their own brand. They use creative writing skills to start a blog, write fan fiction, or create scripts for YouTube videos. Creative writers and good storytellers can create their dream career in writing today.

Where can I find more information about careers in creative writing?

Check out the Creative Writing online course through Stratford Career Institute. This fun program can teach you the fundamental writing techniques that could have you well on your way to your best creative writing yet.


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