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Small businesses are the lifeblood of the US. They employ us, provide services and products, and drive innovation. Running one of these businesses can be a lucrative and enjoyable career – but it’s no easy task.

A manager must be well-versed in her knowledge of business practices in order to lead a company to success. There are a wide variety of skills needed to be an effective manager. These skills are learned in a variety of ways and may include a combination of education and experience.

Requirements needed to become a business manager vary widely. One company may require 10+ years of experience and a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) while others may simply you want to be experienced in their particular field. It really depends on each unique position.

Options for Education

As someone interested in becoming a business manager, it’s understandable to be curious about your educational options. Let’s review a few now:

Real World Experience

Remember, there are no specific requirements to enter the field of business management, other than those laid out by hiring companies. As we know, they can differ greatly from company to company. By starting at an entry level position you can gain valuable experience and learn a great deal about management.

2 or 4-Year Business Management Degree

College isn’t for everyone, and you may be very well be able to find a role as a business manager without formal education, but it certainly helps. An associate’s or bachelor’s degree show companies that you’re committed to learning about business management theory and that you’ve successfully navigated multiple courses. Still – education is no replacement for experience!

Personal Betterment/Online Courses

If you’re interested in learning business management theory and don’t have the time or resources to attend a 2 or 4-year school, there are still options. An alternative you might want to consider are distance-learning self-improvement courses. Typically, these will be less expensive than traditional college, and will be more flexible as well. You can learn at your own pace and submit exams and evaluations when you’re ready. Online courses can provide with a firm base in business management and set you up for a lucrative career.

Overall Concepts

Ideally, a business management course can prepare you for a successful career as a business manager. You will learn several core business concepts throughout its duration. As with most courses, you should expect to start small and string together small concepts and theories to gain a more robust understand of the subject.

A good course in business management will usually touch on the following concepts:

Business ManagementAccounting

• Theory

• Macroeconomics

• Business Law

• Marketing Principles

The Typical Online Business Management Course?

Business management is an incredibly diverse field, and your training will reflect that. If you choose to start with an online or distance-learning program, you need to be prepared to push yourself and study without real deadlines. It requires discipline – it’s crucial if you want to complete the course and improve your future.

By this point, you’re probably curious as to some of the specific types of courses you’ll be taking. Let’s go over a few of those now:

    – Introduction to Business Management

      – Business Management Basics
      – Supervision
      – Decision Making and Leadership
      – Ethics
      – Planning and Organization

    – Application

      – Core Management Functions
      – Common Business Activities
      – Legal Structure
      – Starting a Business

    – Organizational Structure

      – Types
      – Planning and Organization Continued

    – Management Functions

      – Leading
      – Controlling
      – Monitoring
      – Management Information Systems

    – Finance

      – Business Math Basics
      – Balance Sheets
      – Financial Statement Preparation
      – Budgeting
      – Business Valuation

These are just a few of the core elements involved in taking a business management course. Even if you’re not going to be using every aspect of your training, it is a good idea to have a solid understanding of each concept. Effective managers wear many hats and can step in and provide solutions for a variety of difficult situations.

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