benefits of learning Spanish

Today, Spanish is the official language in 20 countries, and there are over 570 million Spanish speakers around the world.

Even 16 percent of the United States population speaks Spanish.

There is no better time than right now to learn Spanish as a second language.

Here are some reasons why you should learn Spanish.

1. Keep Your Brain Sharp

One of the main benefits of learning Spanish as a second language is that it will sharpen your brain. Studies show that people who speak more than one language have improved memory, a stronger ability to multitask, and better listening skills. 

Also, learning Spanish as a second language will enhance your problem-solving and critical thinking skills. You may even have better concentration when you learn a second language. All these enhanced brain capabilities when you learn a new language are some of the main perks of learning Spanish.

2. Improve and Expand Employment Opportunities

Learning Spanish as a second language will undoubtedly improve and expand your employment prospects. Today, there are many job opportunities where the ability to speak Spanish is a crucial qualification that employers are looking for. 

These businesses need Spanish speakers to converse with their diverse range of customers, handle business relationships that are located in Spanish-speaking countries, and communicate to employees who only speak Spanish. With Spanish on your resume, you will be able to apply to more jobs and strengthen your application.

3. Understand Spanish Books and Movies

There are thousands of books, movies, and TV shows that are exclusively written and filmed in Spanish that are not translated.

Once you learn Spanish as a second language, you will be able to understand more, if not all of them. If you have ever gotten tired of reading and watching the same things in your native language, learning Spanish will broaden your horizons to include Spanish-speaking books and media. 

4. Meet People From a New Culture

As a new Spanish speaker, you will be able to converse with other Spanish speakers in their native language. Being able to speak someone’s native language allows you to meet people you may never have known if you did not speak Spanish. 

Plus, learning the language of a specific culture truly lets you see what that it is like in that culture. As a Spanish speaker, you can connect with this culture in ways you might not otherwise have been able to. You could forge lifelong friendships by learning Spanish as a second language.

5. Travel to Spanish Speaking Countries

Another main benefit of learning Spanish is the ability to travel to any Spanish-speaking country around the world and not worry about the language barrier. 

You’ll be able to visit, meet, and interact with many things that another country has to offer. If you were thinking about traveling to a Spanish-speaking country, learning Spanish before leaving will improve your experience. While traveling, Spanish will allow you to explore and discover these new countries like you’ve never been able to before.

6. Take the First Step to Become a Polyglot 

If you want to become a polyglot or have the ability to speak many languages, the first step is to become multilingual by learning Spanish as a second language. 

Once you create the brain pathways that allow you to speak two languages, learning a third and fourth language becomes exponentially easier. It still takes time to be thoroughly fluent. But taking Spanish is a great start to understanding as many new languages as you can learn.

7. Translate Text and Speech In Spanish

If you have ever seen text or heard someone say something in Spanish and wondered what it meant, learning Spanish as a second language will allow you to translate and understand. 

Once you learn Spanish, the ability to translate Spanish words, phrases, and long-form communication back into your native language becomes second nature.

8. Strengthen Knowledge of Your Language

After you learn Spanish as a second language, you will likely gain a much stronger knowledge of your own native language. While learning a new language, you will be forced to think about how your native language uses vocabulary, conjugation, idioms, and the many other grammar rules. Thinking through your language and then translating it into Spanish will help strengthen your grasp of your native language.

9. Boost Your Creativity

Another great benefit of learning Spanish as a second language is that your creative abilities will naturally grow. 

As you learn a new language, you have to think of creative ways to communicate with the words that you know in your new language. Since you only know a limited number of words, sometimes you have to get very inventive. This creativity forms new brain pathways and carries over to other creative endeavors.

10. Delay Diseases Like Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Studies show that those who learn a second language can delay brain deterioration diseases like dementia and Alzheimers. 

Since learning Spanish creates new neural pathways in the brain, the onset of these diseases may be delayed for an extended period of time. This delay can help people who speak multiple languages to maintain a higher quality of life. As they age, they can stay sharper.

Interested in Learning Spanish as a Second Language?

These benefits of learning Spanish as a second language are just a few of the many reasons why you should learn another language. 

If you are interested, check out Stratford Career Institute’s course on Spanish as a second language. It will introduce you to Spanish and teach you many of the basic phrases and words that you need to use in everyday life. 

Enroll today to learn Spanish as a second language! 


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Start Learning Spanish Today

Start Learning Spanish Today

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