In this digital age, photography is booming.

The rising popularity of social media and the high-quality images of smartphones and digital cameras make improving your skills easier than ever.

A beginning course in photography can help any photographer get off “auto” mode.

This way, you can feel confident using the more creative features of your camera.

Who Can Benefit from Beginner Photography Classes?

Don’t let the word “beginner” fool you. Experienced hobby shooters, professionals or those just starting out can benefit from a course in the fundamentals of photography.

A beginner may have many things to learn, but many accomplished photographers are self-taught and may have missed some of the basics along the way.

What Kind of Equipment is Needed?

All types of cameras can be used in an introductory course. The theories of composition, lighting, and exposure apply no matter the equipment you choose.

These fundamentals are the same for all types and brands of cameras. Choose a DSLR, compact model, or even a smartphone, and the tips you learn will dramatically improve your photography.

What Do You Learn in Photography Classes?

In a beginner’s photography class, there are several skills and concepts you will develop. Most courses begin with the basics, such as lighting, depth of focus, depth of field, lenses, filters, and the difference between digital and film cameras.

Once you master these aspects of photography, you may learn more about post-production in photo editing software like Photoshop. This includes color correction, contrast, retouching, cropping, and more. Finally, you will be exposed to the different framing, processing, and printing techniques used to make your photographs come alive. 

In addition to these technical skills, a good course will also show you how to market and sell your work. Since more than 60% of photographers work as freelancers or contractors, this is an essential part of the learning process.

Whether you decide to do photography for journalism, events, or products, knowing how to show your expertise is important. Often, this is one of the overlooked benefits of photography classes.

Explore a New Career!


Benefits of a photography course can open up a lifetime of shooting opportunities, allow for self-expression, increased technical skills and even new career opportunities. Here are some of the most notable benefits of beginner photography classes and how they help develop your career.

Express Yourself

There is no end to the benefit of exercising your artistic talent. Photography is a means of self-expression quite different from many other creative pursuits. Those with technical and creative sides often find photography the perfect media to meld these two parts of their personality.

Stand Out on Social Media

Today’s social media makes it easier than ever to showcase your photography skills. Many photography courses use filters like those found on Instagram or other social media platforms. A class can  bring your skills to the next level and impress friends and family when you share your pictures online.

Capture Special Moments

Life has no shortage of moments to celebrate. Capture holidays, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other special moments with your camera. A photography course can help you record the moments that mean the most to you.

Make a Statement

One of the biggest benefits of beginner photography classes is learning how to make your mark on the world or bring social issues to light.

Photography is one of the most popular mediums used for sharing life views and changing perspectives. It is a form of protest as much as it is a form of art, and it helps provoke reactions or highlight your voice. A photography course is a great place to start learning how to make these statements through images and spark a discussion.

Increased Technical Skills

A photography course can be invaluable in terms of learning the technical aspects necessary to take excellent pictures. Learn to structure and organize your pictures, and practice lighting principles.

Courses explain how to use lenses, filters, apertures, f-stops, and depth of field to get the best shot. You may even learn a thing or two about photo editing in programs like Photoshop.

Professional Feedback

Some photography course benefits aren’t that obvious at first. An example of this is professional feedback on your work. Generally, photography instructors are successful photographers themselves with several years of experience.

Not only will they give you an honest critique of your work, but they also provide great suggestions and insight into the career itself. Whether you want to know more about working as a photographer or need some extra guidance, the feedback from an instructor is incredibly valuable.

Portfolio Development

Having a formal degree often isn’t as important as having a great professional portfolio. Essentially, potential employers want to see the full extent of your previous work more than anything else.

Thankfully, a photography course helps accomplish this by giving you practical assignments that serve as your work portfolio. For example, your instructor may ask you to take a photo focusing on the techniques for portrait or landscape photography. While they may seem inconsequential, these photos show employers that you can do the job well.

Expanded Career Options

The field of photography is full of career possibilities. Photographers pursue event photography, portraits, landscapes, photojournalism, commercial photography or digital processing. The right training course can boost your income with a side-gig or even open up full-time opportunities. In fact, a wide variety of specialty photography is in high demand.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, photography jobs will increase by nearly 17% between now and 2030, which is much faster than the national job growth rate. This makes it a great option for those looking to break into photography in the near future.

Ready to Begin a Course in Photography?

Take your pictures to the next level with the online photography course offered through Stratford Career Institute’s distance learning program. In this fun and affordable course, students can learn how to take their hobby shooting to a new level.


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Develop Your Photography Skills

Develop Your Photography Skills

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