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Real estate appraisal is an interesting and fulfilling profession. But there are a few steps to starting your real estate appraiser career.

All real estate appraisers are certified by the state and often federally. Be sure you know what real estate appraiser training you need to get certified where you want to work.

How to Become a Real Estate
Appraiser: 5 Steps to Start Your Real Estate Appraiser Career

Here is a list of the steps it takes to become a real estate appraiser.

1. Research the minimum requirements to become a real estate appraiser

Every state has different regulations to become a real estate appraiser. Do some research on the minimum requirements for where you want to work. You can find state regulations for real estate appraisers here. Don’t make the mistake of completing unneeded requirements.

2. Become a real estate appraiser trainee

The first step in real estate appraiser training is to become a real estate appraiser trainee. As a trainee, you will first complete a list of required coursework. Then, you will work under a licensed supervisory real estate appraiser to gain experience. You need to complete a required amount of hours under a supervisory appraiser to become a real estate appraiser.

3. Complete required courses

To make the jump from a trainee to a licensed real estate appraiser, you need to complete the required courses. You do not need a college education to become a real estate appraiser.

4. Take the real estate appraiser licensing exam

Once you complete the required hours as a trainee and the coursework, you can then take the licensing exam. The exam covers everything you have learned from the courses and as a trainee in the field.

5. Submit your application to be a licensed residential appraiser

Once you pass the test, the final step to becoming a licensed real estate appraiser is to submit your application to the state licensing board. From there, they will send you your license. Then, you can perform appraisals on your own without a supervisor.

Interested in a Real Estate
Appraiser Career?

Then taking a course offered by Stratford Career Institute is a great starting point! In our extensive online real estate appraiser program, you will explore what it takes to get started and learn everything about how to become a real estate appraiser including:

  • Legal Consideration in Appraisal
  • The Formal Appraisal Process
  • Focus on Neighborhood, Community,
    and Market
  • Real Estate Economics and Value
  • Property Inspection and Analysis
  • Reporting Appraisal Opinions
  • Real Estate and the Economy
  • The Appraisal Process
  • And more

Enroll today to see if a real estate appraiser career is
right for you!

This educational program is an introductory course designed to help students gain the knowledge necessary for the vocational application of this subject. Completion of this program does not fulfill the legal requirements of particular state licenses or certifications, which may require additional training or apprenticeships.


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Become a Real Estate Appraiser

Become a Real Estate Appraiser

Stratford Career Institute offers a comprehensive course that can help you determine if this career is right for you.