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atv repair

If you love riding all-terrain vehicles (ATV), an ATV repair course can teach you how to maintain your vehicles.

Having the skills to do your own four-wheelers’ repair is an excellent way to keep costs down and your machines running smoothly.

Knowing about ATV repair will teach you about practical repair work in general. Other repair work could include fixing small engines such as your lawn mower, weed wacker, and snow blower.

Education for ATV Repair Shop Work

If you want to work in an ATV repair shop, you first need a high school diploma. Then you need to get either a certification, complete a vocational training program, or finish an associate’s degree program in small engine repair or power sports technology. Any of these options are a viable way to get hired at an ATV repair shop.

Some repair shops will hire applicants without much previous experience and rely on teaching them on the job. But, if you want to further your career in ATV repair, you need to get an education.

While completing your program of study, try to make connections in the industry. The sooner you gain experience, the more you’ll learn from your boss and coworkers. You can also become an ATV repair shop technician through vocational training on cars and trucks. Courses in mechanical engineering are also useful. In these programs, you will learn applicable skills to small engine repair. Keep in mind, the more you diversify your skills as a mechanic, the easier it will be to find a high paying job.

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Simple Fixes for Your ATV

If you pursue a degree or complete a training program for ATV repair, then you should have no problem fixing your ATV. However, there still might be some ATV repairs that you will not be able to complete.

If you are not comfortable fixing any part of your ATV, take it to a four wheeler repair shop so they can correctly make the repairs. You do not want to wreck a part of your ATV by making incorrect repairs. Faulty repairs can cause serious injury if your bike malfunctions at the wrong time. If you make repairs on someone else’s ATV, you could be liable for damages that are caused. So, make sure you are completely confident in the ATV repair work you do.

Are You Interested in an ATV Repair Career?

Check out Stratford Career Institute’s online distance course on ATV repair. You will learn everything you need to know about a career in ATV repair and working at an ATV repair shop, including,

  • Getting started in ATV repair,
  • ATV terms and jargon,
  • A quick summary of ATV systems and components,
  • The first steps towards gaining practical skills,
  • An introduction to modern ATV technology,
  • Safety and tools for the job,
  • Basic engine operation and configuration,
  • Lubrication, fueling, and cooling systems,
  • Electrical fundamentals,
  • Two and four-stroke engine inspection,
  • Ignition and electric starter systems,
  • Brakes, wheels, and tires,
  • Suspension, mudguards, chains, footpegs, and levers,
  • How to repair your ATV, and 
  • Customizing your ATV.

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Explore a Career in Four-Wheeler Repair

Explore a Career in Four-Wheeler Repair

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