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People often want to know what jobs make 6 figures a year, but they might not have the college degree required for many of these positions.

Thankfully there are many 6 figure jobs without a college degree out in the workforce today. 

In order to get one of these high paying jobs without a college degree, you need to have a strong work ethic and a positive attitude. Most people don’t start out with a triple-digit salary. But if you work hard enough and find a way into the right career, you can easily end up working at one of the many jobs that pay 6 figure salaries.

Just so you know, all the jobs listed below will require you to have either a high school diploma or a GED. This is the minimum requirement for a number of entry level jobs out there today.

Here are just a few of the many high-paying jobs that may not require a college degree.

6 Figure Jobs That You Should Consider

Police Officer

You don’t need a college degree to become a police officer, but you do need to go to the police academy. The requirements to become a police officer are different in every state. Most police academies take about 6 months to complete. However, in some areas it can take up to a year to become a full-time police officer. It is easier to get into the police academy if you have an associate degree or some post-secondary education, but contact the police academy near you to see how you can strengthen your application.

Check out our introductory course on a career in criminal justice.

Construction Manager

To become a construction manager, all you need to do is obtain your high school diploma or GED and find construction companies that are hiring. Once you get a job, your hard work will be how you move up in the company and earn a higher salary.

To put yourself on the fast track to being a construction manager, you can go to a vocational school or community college and obtain certifications or an associate degree in construction management. These programs can help you land a job and may prepare you for a career as a construction manager.

Click the following link to learn more about our fundamental course on construction management.

Makeup Artist

To become a makeup artist, you may need to gain experience by working at a salon, spa, or other beauty center. From there, you may learn much of what you need to know while on the job. There are also many beauty schools out there that will give you training in all forms of beauty care and styling.

Once you have built up your skills, you can find work with:

  • High-end fashion designers,
  • Live theater companies,
  • Wedding stylists,
  • Movie studios, and
  • Live television or shows.

Once you build up your reputation and have a lot of clients, there are plenty of opportunities for makeup artists.

Learn more about a career in beauty care.


You can easily make a six-figure salary as a plumber, especially once you become a master plumber. Not only are plumbers highly in demand, but people will always need plumbers to perform necessary work and maintenance for commercial and residential properties.

Plumbers can make even more money working overtime and during emergencies. This is especially true during off hours since plumbers are often paid significantly more when they are asked to work outside normal business hours.

Learn the basics of being a plumber with our introductory course today.

Travel Agent

Travel agents assist customers in finding the best deals on fun trips around the world. You simply need to find a job at a travel agency to get your career started. Most travel agents work on commission. That means your earnings will be based on how much you sell. There is plenty of work at travel agencies as well as selling timeshares for many different properties.

Learn more about travel and tourism here.

Business Owner

Starting your own business can be a daunting task. But if you work hard, follow your passions, and don’t give up, it can be one of the most rewarding ways to earn a 6 figure salary. Plus, once you get your business rolling, the sky’s the limit on your earning potential. Stick to industries that you are passionate about and know well. A successful business can earn you a 6 figure salary.

Our Start Your Own Business course can teach you the fundamentals.


Electricians take care of all the electrical work and power that commercial and residential properties need. Licensed electricians are always in high demand at unions and for contractors in need of skilled labor. To achieve a higher salary, you will need to complete training at a vocational school and complete an apprenticeship. But once you become a licensed electrician, you can easily work your way up to earn a triple-digit salary.

Get introduced to the basics of a career as an electrician.


Being an artist is not necessarily one of the primary jobs that pay 6 figure salaries. But if you work hard and gain a strong reputation over time among your clients, you can make a 6 figure salary as an artist. Not only can you succeed by selling your artwork in galleries, but you can make even more money doing commissions for people or working on commercial art projects for things like advertising and marketing materials. The best part of working as an artist is that you set your own hours and get to decide what projects you work on.

If you are thinking about becoming an artist, check out our art course to see if it’s right for you.

Interior Decorator

Interior decorators work in a variety of industries. They decorate and design spaces like for-sale real estate and commercial stores, as well as for individual clients who want their homes decorated a specific way. You need to work hard to make a 6 figure salary as an interior decorator, but as your reputation grows, so will your client base. You don’t need a college degree to be an interior decorator, but you can get certifications or an associate degree in fashion, design, or interior decorating, which will help further your career.

Learn more about interior decorating today.

Explore Potential 6 Figure Jobs

There are many high-paying jobs out there that don’t require a college degree. Check in with your local contacts, previous mentors, and teachers to see if they have any leads or connections for the jobs we’ve listed above. Stratford Career Institute offers a variety of online courses that can help you decide if a career is worth pursuing. 

Disclaimer: Stratford Career Institute’s educational programs offer an introductory curriculum designed to help students gain knowledge necessary for the vocational application of the subject. Completion of a Stratford Career Institute program does NOT fulfill the legal requirements of particular state licenses or certifications, which may require additional training or apprenticeships.


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