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A good resume grabs the reader’s attention. You need to clearly define why you are the right candidate for the job. Writing a superb resume isn’t always easy, though. To write something convincing, you might need some help. Don’t fear, we’re going to give you a few tips right now.

Tips to Help You Write a Great Resume

Resume Writing Tips

The Right Length

Your resume needs to be the appropriate length. Too long and you risk boring the person responsible for hiring, too short and you may never capture their attention. The sweet spot for most resumes is one page, but two can be acceptable if necessary.

A resume should contain all of the crucial information while maintaining as short a length as possible. This can difficult, but there are a few tricks you can use to keep the information on one page. For example, you might decide to use slightly larger margins or smaller font to keep the information on one page.

Keep in mind that recruiters and managers will have dozens or even hundreds of resumes to sift through. Hit the sweet spot with length so that yours has a better chance of making the cut.

Writing a great resume

Thoughtful Layout

Another huge issue plaguing resumes is layout. Nobody wants to read a wall of text, and recruiters simply won’t do it. If your resume has a poor layout that makes it difficult to read, it’s unlikely to get any attention.

Consider this:

When sorting through resumes and deciding which to take a closer look at, recruiters and hiring managers typically review each one for less than 10 seconds. That’s not much time to make a first impression, so what can you do?

Resume Formatting
  • Use clear and concise headings. Identify what each section of your resume is referring to. This helps inform the reader that you have included the essential information
  • Use bold and italics appropriately. Bold all of your headings, and use italics to guide the readers eye to important sections. But don’t overdo it.
  • Make use of bullet points. Lists are easier to scan and are a great way to share information.

Finally, look over your resume and think critically. Is it easy to scan for key information, or does it need work?

Highlight Your Accomplishments

Job descriptions are boring. Most recruiters or hiring managers are going to be familiar with what your duties at a particular job were. What they want to know is what you accomplished. Focus on what you did, not specifically what your job was. Start with a short description of position, and then list accomplishments. Always consider the benefit of what you are describing as an accomplishment – in what way did it help your company? The person responsible for hiring wants to know why they should bring you onto the team. Show them.

Clear Direction

Tailor your resume to the job you are applying for. Designer resumes, for example, tend to be more creative with less stringent guidelines. An engineer on the other hand, will need something more serious in tone. Before you create your resume, look at a few examples within the industry you’re applying in. Make sure your resume falls in line with any industry standards.

Review, Revise, Repeat

making resume revisionsGrammar is HUGE for recruiters and hiring managers. Something as silly as a careless typo can be the difference between employment and a continuing job search. Like it or not, conclusions will be drawn about you as an employee and as a person based on your resume’s grammar. Frequent misspellings and errors don’t look good, and certainly don’t help your chances. In fact, your resume should be grammatically flawless.

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An outstanding resume is often the difference between obtaining the job you want and settling for something less or remaining unemployed. Take your time, research, and write a high-quality resume to improve your chances of landing your dream job.

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