21st century learning techniquesIf you’re planning to jump back into an online learning course after several years out of school, here are some changes in the latest learning techniques in the 21st century.

Online Teaching Tools

Years ago, teachers needed to keep a grade book for all student grades and lessons. Tests and quizzes were taken on paper and turned in. Today, these processes are completely online and it’s easier for students and teachers.

Your online learning course center will have a specific online tool. This is a place for teachers and students to interact with each other. Teachers can post exams and provide links to study materials.

These study tools allow the student to get all course information and documents from one online source. It reduces the amount of paper needed for the course, and sometimes students can download any documents they lost or misplaced during the course.

Laptops Instead of Notebooks

It used to be that students needed at least one notebook for each class. If you took 5 classes, you needed to carry around 5 notebooks. These notebooks were used to take notes and store documents. Not only was it cumbersome to carry around, it was also heavy and if the student lost it all notes went missing as well.

With the latest technology, students just need a laptop or even just a tablet to complete an online distance learning course. This helps to reduce the amount of paper you need and the cost of new notebooks for every new course.

Portable devices have made online learning much more convenient for students. Since cloud storage is extremely cheap now, students can use Evernote, Microsoft OneDrive, or Google Drive to store up to several gigabytes for free. For $10/month, the student can even get unlimited storage.

Distance Learning

Distance learning is one of the best technology introductions in the education industry. Students no longer need to fight rush hour traffic and spend hours getting to a class room. Instead, they can sit down at their desks and start learning and get answers from teachers in their home.

Distance learning is great for adults and even new students that need to build a career. You no longer need to find time in the day to travel to class. Now, you can take a class in the morning, during a lunch break or at night.

Technology has advanced so much through the years that education is no longer stressful for adult students. It’s also become a convenient option for students that can’t learn on-campus.


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Learn More About the Advantages of Distance Learning

Learn More About the Advantages of Distance Learning

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