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Did you know that there are many jobs that work with animals that don’t require a degree?

There are a number of rewarding jobs where you can care for animals and work with other animal lovers.

At Stratford Career Institute, you can choose from several of our foundational courses to learn about different jobs that can help you work with animals.

What Are Some Jobs with Animals That Don’t Require a Degree?

Check out these careers with animals with no degree required.

1. Animal Shelter Worker

Animal shelter workers interact with animals every day. They clean, feed, and care for the animals at the shelter. They might also help with adoptions.

Note that many animal shelter positions involve volunteer work. Very few positions are paid. However, working at an animal shelter can provide an excellent experience for future job opportunities.

2. Animal Trainer

All pet owners want a well-behaved pet. But many don’t have the time to train them. That’s where you can come in. An animal trainer’s job is to teach discipline and manners to pets, primarily dogs. You’ll get to spend time with animals and show them love and attention.

3. Blogger

A blogger needs no formal education. They just need to be a good and captivating writer. You can write an online blog about animals. Usually, the only requirement is to have experience owning a pet. In your blogs, you can write about animal care and how you train your pet. You might also include funny anecdotes. If your blog is successful and gains enough followers, you may be able to generate income from platforms or advertisers.

4. Canine Specialist

A canine specialist is an expert in canines (dogs). They help dog owners choose the best type of food for their dogs and advise on grooming techniques, training methods, and exercise regimens. A canine specialist can also help with any breeding questions you may have. 

5. Dog Walker

While you probably can’t survive financially on this job alone, becoming a dog walker is a great way to earn extra income. Many pet owners struggle with time management. Hiring a dog walker several times a day can relieve the burden.

6. Pet Groomer

Pet groomers can work at pet stores or in a stand-alone business.

Their job is to make pets look their best while simultaneously trying to make them feel comfortable. Knowing how to handle unruly pets is vital because not every pet is comfortable being at the pet groomer.

7. Pet Sitter

In today’s busy world, it’s sometimes hard for pet owners to give enough attention to their animals. Whether it’s due to travel or work, pet sitters are an essential resource for pet owners.

As a pet sitter, you can turn your love of animals into a full-time job. You can walk, play, feed, and care for pets. Your hours will depend on the needs of your clients and how popular your business is.

8. Pet Store Associate

One of the most popular jobs working with animals with no degree is a pet store associate. There are few better places to meet pets than at a pet store. Owners will come in regularly throughout the day, sometimes with their furry friends. You’ll be able to assist in food and toy choices for pets.

9. Telehealth Veterinarian Assistant

Did you know there’s telehealth for your furry pets? After all, pets are members of your family, so you must ensure they’re healthy too. A telehealth veterinarian assistant can help make appointments and help with questions before your pet sees the vet. 

Although you can’t see the animal in person, you can still help them by connecting them to animal health professionals.

10. Veterinary Assistant

A veterinary assistant helps the vet care and treat their “pet” patients. You may assist the vet in performing tests and treating injuries. You might also assist in preparing and giving the vet equipment and surgical instruments when the vet is operating on a pet.

11. Veterinary Receptionist

A veterinary receptionist is an administrative job in a veterinary office. Your job duties include checking pets in for their appointment and scheduling new appointments. You’ll also be able to welcome pets, give them treats, and help make them feel comfortable while waiting their turn.

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