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Astrology is the popular study of how the stars and the planets affect our personalities, careers, relationships, and health.

It is used to determine an individual’s purpose in life based on the location of the planets and stars at their birth.

One aspect of astrology is knowing the 12 moon signs. But what is a moon sign in astrology?

Moon signs are part of your astrological profile. They tell you about your internal and emotional side. There are 12 moon signs. At Stratford Career Institute, you can learn more about your astrology moon sign with our astrology/parapsychology course.

What Is a Moon Sign in Astrology?

When you think of astrology, you probably think of your zodiac sign. If you were born from November 22 to December 21, you are a Saggitarius. If you were born from January 20 to February 18, you are an Aquarius. These zodiac signs refer to your astrological sun signs. 

But when you map your birth chart, in addition to your sun sign, you also need to know your moon sign. 

Moon signs are considered to be more important than sun signs. This is because the moon governs our emotional side and how we act internally. The sun controls our personalities that others see. The moon, on the other hand, is our private side. Because of this, the sun zodiac sign does not have the same meaning as its moon zodiac sign counterpart.

How to Calculate Your Moon Sign

To calculate your moon sign, you need to know your birth date, your birth time, and the location where you were born. This information is then used to determine your moon sign, or what sign the moon was in at the precise moment you were born. There are many online tools to help you calculate your moon sign.

The moon will pass over all 12 zodiac signs every month. If your sun zodiac sign is Scorpio, that does not mean your moon sign is Scorpio. It may be Gemini or Aries. The moon moves into a new zodiac every couple of days.

What Are the Meanings of Each Zodiac Moon Sign?

Every zodiac sign has a moon sign meaning. Read on to learn yours.

Aries Moon

  • Element: Fire 
  • Planet Ruler: Mars
  • Symbol: Ram

Aries is the first zodiac sign. People born under an Aries moon are incredibly passionate and headstrong. They are not afraid to express themselves and may sometimes come across as harsh. People born in the Aries moon need to do something constantly. They are not passive individuals. Instead, they like to be active and be challenged. They are not afraid to take risks and can be reckless.

Taurus Moon

  • Element: Earth
  • Planet Ruler: Venus
  • Symbol: Bull

People born under a Taurus moon value stability. They are pleased to have things remain as they are without changing. They love comfort and security. If you’ve ever met someone with a Taurus moon sign, you may think they are boring. They look for a long-term commitment in a partner. Because of their desire for constancy, they might stay in a relationship once the fire has burned out because moving on would disrupt their stability.

Gemini Moon

  • Element: Air
  • Planet Ruler: Mercury 
  • Symbol: Twin

Unlike their friends born under a Taurus moon, people born under a Gemini moon love to change constantly. Because of this, don’t expect them to stay in a relationship too long if they are no longer interested. They’ll move on to the next one. 

People with a Gemini moon are smart and funny people who seek out new information and ideas. They love to talk and socialize. Sometimes, they may prefer to be the life of the party rather than developing genuine relationships.

Cancer Moon

  • Element: Water
  • Planet Ruler: Moon
  • Symbol: Crab

People born under a Cancer moon are sensitive souls. They are very emotional and want to form a deep bond with others, not just a fling. They love to nurture others and give them support. While this motherlike nature can be refreshing, it can also be excessive.

Leo Moon

  • Element: Fire
  • Planet Ruler: Sun
  • Symbol: Lion

People born under a Leo moon are very energetic and optimistic people. They love attention and hate to feel left out. In this respect, they can seem self-centered and spoiled. They are also very dedicated to caring for their loved ones and want the same. They can be slightly insecure and require constant reassurance and validation.

Virgo Moon

  • Element: Earth
  • Planet Ruler: Mercury
  • Symbol: Maiden (representation)

People with the Virgo moon sign are intelligent and practical people. They are very organized and are almost on the verge of being a perfectionist. They always think. They never jump to conclusions without analyzing every angle first. Because of this, they are known to overanalyze situations. Their constant worrying makes them very stressed. Nevertheless, they want their loved ones to be taken care of. 

Libra Moon

  • Element: Air
  • Planet Ruler: Venus
  • Symbol: Scales of Justice

People born with the Libra moon sign are polite and fair-minded. They desire peace and harmony. They have diplomatic personalities. Because of this, communication is crucial. Holders of the Libra moon sign are excellent listeners. They will happily listen to everyone’s story to help resolve conflicts. Because of this desire for peace, they can be passive and sacrifice their happiness to avoid conflict.

Scorpio Moon

  • Element: Water
  • Planet Ruler: Pluto and Mars
  • Symbol: Scorpion (representation)

People born under the Scorpio moon are very intense and emotional. They want serious relationships. They are also private people. They are careful not to open up to others. However, they will open up to you if you earn their trust. But if you break their trust, they are not forgiving people.

Sagittarius Moon

  • Element: Fire
  • Planet Ruler: Jupiter
  • Symbol: Centaur

Someone born under a Sagittarius moon is curious and always looking for new adventures. They are optimistic and happy souls. They love to meet new people and experience new things in life. Because of this, they can get bored quickly. 

People with the Sagittarius moon sign also crave their own space. They do not want anything to tie them down, including relationships. 

Capricorn Moon

  • Element: Earth
  • Planet Ruler: Saturn
  • Symbol: Goat

People born under a Capricorn moon desire stability in their careers and relationships. They are not afraid to make commitments. They are ambitious and work hard to maintain stability in their jobs and finances. They like to nurture their loved ones, though they do this materially, not emotionally. 

People with a Capricorn moon sign have been known to suppress their emotions for success. But while they seem practical and cold on the outside, they can be sensitive souls.

Aquarius Moon

  • Element: Air
  • Planet Ruler: Uranus
  • Symbol: Water Bearer

People born under the Aquarius moon are open-minded and can be unpredictable at times. They tend to look at the bigger picture in life. People with the Aquarius moon sign desire to do good in the world and are humanitarians. They do not like drama. When faced with conflict, they try to avoid entanglements and diplomatically solve the issues as a neutral party. 

Pisces Moon

  • Element: Water
  • Planet Ruler: Neptune
  • Symbol: School of Fish

People with a Pisces moon sign are very kind-hearted and emotional. They have wild imaginations and thrive on creativity. People born under a Pieces moon are gentle souls and want to form connections with others. They can sense the feelings of others. This is due to their psychic and empathic abilities.

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