how to become a tarot card reader

Tarot cards are a method used for telling another’s fortune. Reading them can be a recreational activity or a full-time career. Have you ever wondered how to become a professional tarot reader?

At Stratford Career Institute, we offer a beginner’s course in astrology/parapsychology. Here, you will learn the different aspects of the study of astrology, including tarot cards.

It can help you gain the foundational knowledge you need.

Steps to Become a Professional Tarot Card Reader

You can’t become a professional tarot card reader overnight. It takes extensive learning and practice. Becoming a tarot reader requires specific steps. 

Step 1: Learn the Meanings of the Individual Tarot Cards

There are 78 tarot cards in the deck. The major arcana refers to 22 of those 78 cards. It includes “The Hanged Man” and “The Wheel of Fortune” cards. The purpose is to illustrate all people’s central experiences of life. 

The rest of the cards are called the minor arcana. 

They are further divided into four suits:

  • Cups,
  • Pentacles,
  • Swords, and
  • Wands.

The minor arcana represents daily experiences.

You will be using this deck to tell someone their future or fortune. You must understand the significance of each card. 

Every tarot card has a different meaning. For example, “The Fool” tarot card has a different meaning than “The Hermit.” And if the card is reversed, the meaning is different.

Learn the meaning of the tarot cards from repetition. You won’t get it right away. It will take time and patience. You can also have a friend test you on the meaning of each tarot card.

Enrolling in a course that teaches tarot readings is another excellent way to learn the tarot cards. At Stratford Career Institute, our course covers the basics of tarot cards and astrology.

Step 2: Learn the Connections Between the Tarot Cards

Once you’ve mastered the meaning of each tarot card individually, you must learn the cards’ relationships with each other. Pulling the cards and placing them in one order will have a different meaning than those same cards in another order.

Step 3: Learn How to Do a Tarot Card Reading

It’s one thing to know the meaning of tarot cards. It’s another to do a reading for a total stranger.

Develop an overall presentation to do for clients. Try to learn more about them and what they are trying to accomplish with the tarot reading. This can help you formulate your interpretation of the tarot cards.

Step 4: Practice Your Tarot Readings

When you were still learning the tarot card meanings, practicing with a family member or friend was helpful. However, you have moved on from that stage. Now, you need to know how to do tarot readings for someone you don’t know.

Practicing with friends and family is easy because you know they won’t judge you. Their goal is not to get a reading but to help you practice your tarot readings. Because of that, you are comfortable. 

But doing a reading for a stranger who cares only about the reading (not you) is a whole different ball game. And you need to get comfortable with that.

It’s natural to feel nervous in the beginning. That’s why you need to practice. These sessions will help you understand how people, most of whom are genuinely looking for help, react to your readings. The more practice you have with tarot readings, the more confidence you will have. 

Step 5: Know How to Deal with Clients

Like any business, knowing how to approach your clients is essential. You will get all types of clients as a professional tarot card reader. You will get believers and skeptics. You need to know how to deal with them.

Some clients may be elated with your readings. Others may feel devastated. Try to work on different responses to give your clients in this scenario.

The clients who do not believe in tarot readings may seem rude. 

You may hear things like:

  • “That’s ridiculous!”
  • “You believe that? I don’t.”
  • “You’re just after my money. You’re a phony.”

Don’t get offended by these statements. Some people will never believe, and you can’t make them.

Alternatively, some clients will hang on to every word you say. Therefore, be very careful with what you say. Some clients are in an awful place when they come to you. Treat them cautiously. You don’t want to make a bad problem worse for them.

Step 6: Know the Law

Some jurisdictions prohibit fortune telling, such as tarot card readings. Before opening your tarot card reading business, you should make sure that tarot card reading is legal in your city or municipality.

Also, additional laws exist even if tarot card readings are not banned. Some cities treat activities such as fortune telling as a business and thus require business licenses. Ensure you have the licenses and documentation your jurisdiction requires before opening your tarot card reading business. 

Step 7: Know How Much to Charge for Your Tarot Card Readings

It can be challenging to set a price for your tarot card readings. The easiest way to set a price for your services is to shop around at other tarot readers in your area. See what they are charging. You have a new business, so it may make sense to offer discounts so you get your business name out there.

Once you have established yourself in the community, you can make your prices more competitive.

Step 8: Market Your Business

You need to get word of your new tarot card reading business out in your community. Put up signs advertising when your business opens and where it is located. You can also make business cards. Give them to friends and tell them to hand them out to people they know. Designing a website is another way to inform others about your new business. And don’t forget about establishing a social media presence.

Learn More About Becoming a Tarot Reader Online

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