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Numerology is the study of numbers and their connections to life, relationships, and purpose. The notion is that numerical patterns govern everything in life. Every number has its own properties and effect on life. 

If you are interested in astrology, learning numerology is an essential step. At Stratford Career Institute, our Astrology/Parapsychology course will delve into the particulars of numerology, including numerology number meanings 1-9. Here’s what you should know.

Numerology Number Meanings 1-9

Though similar, numerology and astrology are different. Astrology refers to the study of constellations and planets and how they affect life, relationships, and careers. On the other hand, numerology is the study of numbers and how each number’s nature affects your life, your personality, and the world.

In numerology, there is a spiritual meaning of numbers 1-9. Every number has its own strengths and weaknesses that affect our personality traits.

Numerology 1: The Fearless Leader

The Number 1 represents confidence. They are leaders and take charge of situations, always leading, never following. The Number 1 is independent and takes control of its own life. They are not abstract thinkers like the Number 3. 

They like to follow a goal, like the Number 4. They will strive to become better with every opportunity. They are not afraid of obstacles. Instead, the Number 1 welcomes challenges and never gives up a fight.

The Number 1 is a reckless and self-centered lone wolf. They like to do things alone and do not seek out cooperation or the opinions of others. They can also be so engrossed in achieving their goal that they don’t stop and look at the dangers of their chosen path.

Numerology 2: The Peaceful Diplomat 

If Number 1 thrives on independence, Number 2 thrives on cooperation. Number 2 seeks balance and peace in any situation. Almost the polar opposite of Number 1, Number 2 supports teamwork and diplomacy. 

Number 2 is highly empathetic and can sense the emotions and thoughts of others. This makes Number 2 an excellent negotiator.

Number 2 would rather stay in a difficult situation than try to fight and improve it, like Number 1 would do, because of the need to keep the peace. Number 2 can also become irritated if others do not give them recognition for the sacrifice and help they give to others.

Numerology 3: The Fun Spirit

The Number 3 is a positive spirit with an upbeat outlook. Number 3 loves to communicate with others and have fun. They are abstract thinkers and have many ideas and dreams about life. 

Everyone wants to be Number 3’s friend because Number 3 has a charismatic and vibrant personality. 

Because of Number 3’s fun outlook on life, it can be difficult for them to sit still. They will move from one fun thing to the next without committing. 

Number 3 also has difficulty focusing on the more challenging aspects of life. They tend to be superficial. When complex life issues happen, Number 3’s will excuse themselves from the problem or remain withdrawn. 

Similarly, when faced with a long-term relationship, Number 3 lacks intimacy and has difficulty making deep connections. 

Numerology 4: Predictable Realist

The Number 4 represents stability. They prefer to stick to the status quo rather than be abstract thinkers like Number 3. They are grounded in reality and prefer intellect and reason over desires and emotions.

The Number 4 can be the opposite of Number 3 in some ways. While Number 3 will jump from one pleasurable experience to the next, Number 4 will set down roots and build goals.

Unfortunately, life with Number 4 can become tiresome. And because they never take chances, Number 4 is highly susceptible to missing the finer things in life.

The Number 4 does not try to find new ways to do things and will stick to the same mundane ways their whole lives. This outlook also makes 4s unreceptive to the new ideas of others. 

Further, they can be perfectionists. If they fail to meet a goal, they will feel destroyed. Similarly, Number 4 can be judgmental if someone else fails at something.

Numerology 5: The Curious Explorer

The Number 5 is curious and highly interested in life. They want to go on adventures and experience life to the fullest, not hear about it from others. They won’t make plans like Number 4. They’ll just wing it.

However, like Number 3, once a new experience becomes dull, they seek out the next adventure because Number 5 desires freedom. 

They can lack a purpose other than constantly moving from one adventure to another. They do not consider the future. Instead, they focus their attention on the near future only. Further, they can be unreliable due to their inability to commit.

Numerology 6: The Kind Heart

The Number 6 lives to love and support. They possess empathy, which helps them connect with others emotionally. Family and romantic relationships are meaningful to them. They devote themselves to keeping the ones they love happy.

Like Number 2, the empathetic nature of Number 6 can make them sacrifice their opinions and desires to keep others happy. This self-sacrificing nature can allow others to take advantage of them. It may also seem intrusive to the ones they are trying to help, making the Number 6 seem overbearing. 

Numerology 7: The Wise Researcher

Number 7 does not want to know the bare minimum facts. They want an in-depth explanation. They want the why. This makes them keen researchers. They always ask questions and look for deeper meanings in everything.

Like the Number 5, they are curious. But they are not curious about adventure. They are curious for knowledge and understanding.

The Number 7 tends to sacrifice relationships for thinking. This makes them a lone wolf at times, like the Number 1. However, instead of forgoing relationships for control like Number 1, Number 7 forgoes relationships for knowledge.

The Number 7 can also find it challenging to connect with others due to their constant need to investigate things further. This makes them shy and uncomfortable in social settings. The Number 7’s reliance on thought makes them sheltered from real-life experiences. Sometimes, things are okay as they are. But the Number 7 can’t accept that and will look for trouble when there is none.

Numerology 8: The Goal-Oriented Achiever

The Number 8 thrives in success and achievements. Like the Number 2, they desire balance. Balance promotes stability and a productive work environment. The Number 8 is often associated with ambition, career, and control. The Number 8 sets goals and focuses attention on reaching the goals. This is like Number 1. However, unlike Number 1, Number 8 does not entirely ignore the opinions of others. 

The Number 8 can, unfortunately, focus too much on financial success and forgo spiritual growth. Further, the attention Number 8 gets can also inflate their ego.

Numerology 9: Global Humanitarian

The Number 9 is a kind soul who wants to improve the world. The Number 9 won’t settle for financial and business success like Number 8. They genuinely want to make a positive difference in the world. 

Because of their sensitive nature, the Number 9 may get easily offended. Further, they can easily neglect themselves because of their selfless nature, like the Number 2 and the Number 6. 

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